Corporate Objectives

Corporate Objectives

Ngunya Jarjum Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 2418)

(a) To provide culturally appropriate long term, short term, voluntary, respite and out-of-home care for Aboriginal children in our area.

(b) To provide employment, training and development opportunities for Aboriginal people to fulfil objects (a) and as the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG) Standard.

(c) To employ Aboriginal people to run programs to meet the needs of Aboriginal Children, and their families, in out-of-home care.

(d) To recruit and support Aboriginal people to care for Aboriginal children in a manner that is culturally appropriate and that meets their individually identified needs.

(e) To support Aboriginal carers and their families, including respite care, in a manner that their identified needs.

(f) To educate the wider community of issues impacting on Aboriginal families and the care of their children.

(g) The committee shall provide advice and support to staff, the local Aboriginal communities and organisation as appropriate.

(h) To liaise with Government and community agencies, and other appropriate persons and organisation on behalf of Aboriginal persons and organisations as appropriate

(i) To operate and maintain a gift fund to be known as “The Ngunya Jarjum Aboriginal Corporation Gift Fund” in accordance with the requirements of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.