Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Social & Emotional Wellbeing – Supporting and promoting the social, emotional, spiritual, and cultural wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and community. We work from a belief that connection to land, culture, spirituality, family, and community are important to people and impact their wellbeing.

    Biripi ACMC SEWB Team which consist of an Aboriginal Health Worker, Aboriginal Counsellor and Psychologist, provide services from group activities, one on one sessions with our Counsellor or Psychologist where they can help people learn to cope more effectively with the following:

    • life issues
    • chronic illness
    • breaking past barriers that keep them from reaching their goals
    • They can help with short term problems (like feeling overwhelmed by a new job, or grieving the loss of a loved one) or with long term problems (like often feeling depressed, angry or anxious). Or you may just want to have a yarn.
    • Please call either of our clinics to access the above service.