Become a Member

Biripi ACMC is a community controlled organisation, members of Biripi ACMC can have a say in how the organisation is run, participate in Board elections and are empowered to strengthen their connection with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and fit the eligibility requirements under section 3. of the Biripi ACMC rule book , please down load the membership form, provide your proof of Aboriginality and submit to or drop in your application to reception at the Purfleet Admin Building located at 2a Edward Drive, opposite Purfleet Clinic.

Who is eligible?

A member must be at least 18 years of age; and an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person who permanently resides in the coastal area incorporating Bulahdelah in the south, Port Macquarie in the north and Mount George and Gloucester in the west.

How to become a member?

To become a member a person must be eligible to apply under rule 3.1 of the Biripi ACMC Rule Book and submit an application for membership in writing to the corporation. The directors must consider all applications for membership in the order they are received and within a reasonable period after they are received by the corporation. The directors must consider and decide on applications for membership by resolution at a directors meeting. You will be notified by preferred method of contact on the outcome of your application.

Members’ rights?

A member can attend, speak and vote at general meetings, can be elected or appointed as a director can put forward resolutions at general meetings, can ask the directors to call a general meeting, and can look at the books and records of the corporation (if the board of directors have authorised them to do this, or if the members have passed a resolution which lets them do this). Members do not have the right to share in the profits of the corporation or take part in the distribution of the corporation’s assets if it is wound up.

Members’ responsibilities

A member must follow the rules as per the current version of the Biripi ACMC rule book, let the corporation know if they change their address (within 28 days), treat other members with courtesy and respect, comply with any code of conduct adopted by the corporation and  not behave in a way that significantly interferes with the operation of the corporation or of corporation meetings.


Click here to download an application form