Biripi Aboriginal Children Services

Biripi Aboriginal Children Services (BACS) provides culturally informed out of home care services to Aboriginal children who are under the Parental Responsibility of the Minister, Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ).

Core Purpose

All children deserve a safe and stable home. We are committed to providing Aboriginal children with loving, safe and culturally connected care whether this is with their family, kin or with foster carers.




BACS work with the child and young person’s carers, family, kin and community to keep connections with their culture and achieve permanency based on the Permanency Support Program and principles.

Guiding Principles

Recognise the expertise of children and families:

BACS involve Aboriginal families in case planning and decision making to keep children safe and with their family and community. We recognise and value the importance of family and community engagement as this maximises positive outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people.

 As a proud Aboriginal organisation, we acknowledge the impact of intergenerational trauma and advocate that healing can and will take place in the context of a safe, nurturing and responsive environment that is connected to family, culture and land.

 We are committed, where possible to keeping families together and to reducing the length of time children remain in care. If returning to family is not possible, we support children to maintain connections to family through facilitating family contact and ensuring that all family and significant people in the child’s life is connected and involved.

 Areas of operations include Mid-North Coast (Taree office) and Hunter New England (Inverell office). Hunter New England services are delivered through the connected entity of Walanbaa Gaayli Children services, a culturally approved trading name for services delivered in that region.

Carers Booklet Information

Your Guide to Caring
“There is no better gift to give a child than a safe & settled home”